My name is Nina Lavoy! I am a photographer, wife, mother, daughter, sister and just recently a Grandmother! I am very proud of every role I’ve been blessed with and I give 110% in everything! Family is super important and documenting every moment is a must! 

Being a mother of adults taught me how important it is to document life. I remember my defining moment was when I realized how fast life goes by and how important each unassuming moment is. It was 8 years ago, one week before my daughter moved into her first apartment. I had walked into her room to put laundry away and began to complain to myself of the teenage mess that decorated her room. After a few minutes of looking around with my hand on my hip, my eyes filled up with tears. I realized this would be that last week it would ever be like this again, so I did like any good photographer and grabbed my camera! No don't be confused, I’ve always taken plenty of pictures but they were of holidays, birthdays etc., but now that they are all grown up I wish I had more of those in between moments, it’s in those times that you capture the essence of that time and place. 

Outside of shooting and family time I enjoy traveling; it's been a while since I’ve been out of the country but I love international travel. I’ve only been to a few places but each place I've been has been enlightening and absolutely stunning. I’ve added a few pictures to my portfolio to show some of the beautiful places I’ve been blessed to travel to thus far. My other interests are party planning and cake decorating. 

Photography has been an interest of mine since the beginning, when I was 4 years old my mom had a Polaroid 440 Land Camera, I would hide in the closet and play with it for hours. There was something about the way it sounded when I would wind up the film and press the release button, I can still remember the touch and smell of the film. Later on at about 9 years old I got a cheap camera of my own that I began taking pictures with. I would save my money to go to the local Thrifty's to develop the film, it was like Christmas morning and I was always so excited to see what I captured, to this day it's still one of my favorite parts of my process.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my website. It would be a pleasure to work with you and tell your beautiful story. 


Cher D.

“I first met Nina, when she was the photographer for a food pop up. From there, I've had my maternity, newborn and first birthday shoot with her. She was very personable, prompt and a pleasure to work with for all 3 shoots. She even rushed editing photos knowing I had family in town. I highly recommend Nina!”

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